Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4 @ The Big Family Reunion

Day 4 was the last day at the Marae, and it was the big tidy up day. Everybody, well I think everybody woke up to having drawings on their faces. I had something, my cousin Maree had a Natzi sign,and Gome my other cousin had pimples and dots all over his face. Then was Asu my other cousin, he had on the top of his forehead, I heart u and then kisses all over his face. But then I saw my brother James's face when we told him about the drawing he started to cry. I started to laugh.

Then people started to say "OHHHH IT WAS KENNY AND KEPOUA AND SIU." I couldn't beleive it when I heard it, because Kepoua is married and already has a baby. And he is still acting like little kid. Siu had his girlfriend sleep at the Marae that night. She didn't get anything on her face. And Kenny he is a kid, but they all act so young from their actual age.

So everybody who had a drawing on their faces or bodies hid them and ran straight to the bathroom. Which was not far away. Everybody got angry and started to make plans to try and get back at them. One was to get buckets of water and sneak up from behind them and splash them. The other one was to try and do something to their foods.

Anyway, after getting over the dramatic morning we finally had to get started on the choirs and tidy up. The places where the girls had to clean up was the toilets for both  female and male. It was pretty easy because they weren't really messy. So our choirs were done quite quickly. So then we went back to Marae and started to pack our bags and get ready for the BBQ at my aunties house afterwards.

After everybody left the Marae the Reunion was officially over. The reunion for me was a big help learning who all of my relatives from my dads family were. There was still one or two more occasions to attend. The BBQ where everybody was going to, and the Big Feast the next day.

When we had arrived to the BBQ, everybody was inside and outside the house. All the kids were inside and the adults were out. After we had lunch, the garage was open for all the kids to play pool or ping pong. All the big boys played pool, and all the girls and the little kids played ping pong.

After a little while later was dessert. They were giving out the small blocks of chocolate. Everybody at least took 4 or 3, I took 3, because I llloooovvvveeeee chocolate. So we played a bit more ping pong and soon we had to go. but we were going to come back the next day.

I just couldn't wait for the last day. It would be the biggest day.


  1. This is a wonderful serial story you are writing Rita and I am really enjoying it. I laughed lots when I read about you all waking up with drawings on your faces. I think I would like this creative cousin ;) Don't keep us waiting too long for the final episode.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hey Rita looks like you had so much fun at your famliy reuion.My funny bit is about you waking up and had drawing on your face hahaha sorry about that I laughed because it is so funny.Also thanks for the coments just returning the love.


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