Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 2 @ The Big Family Reunion

Day 2 was to me the most funnest, because it was sports day. It was held in the Marae, because there was a big field in the grounds. So the games on sports day we were scheduled to play were,

1: Tug of War
2:The Spoon and Egg race
3: Rubbish bag race (instead of potato sacks we used rubbish bags)
4: Throwing Water Balloon
5: Then all of a sudden water fight turned out to be one of the games.

Starting off with the Tug of War was extremely fun. First we had to be put into categories. Children's, Women's, Men's and then everybody. I had accidentally came late so then I had to join the women's challenges. My side kept on winning everything except for the very last game. We had
the useless men so we ended up loosing. (nah just joking)

Game two was The Egg Race. We each had been given a spoon and then an egg. The aim of the game was to get to the other side with the spoon in our mouth's while the egg was also attached to it. I was the first one to go, it was really easy, but sadly we came third in that relay. As we had came to sit down and check the leader board, we were coming third. Not quite bad.

Game three, the rubbish bag race. This game was the most hilarious one of them all. People cheated, and tried to poke holes through the bags to make places for their feet to go. This game was a catastrophe. Luckily I didn't cheat, because I wanted win that chocolate fair and square.

Game number four, was the water balloon throwing contest. This was when everybody knew that they were going to get wet. So most sat out. But everybody that participated had a heap of fun. Like me. I was very annoyed when I saw that my partner was a little girl that was only 7 years old. Our fist and second try was successful, but when it had come to our third try I was the one that had been pooped with water all over me. The same team that had won the rest of the other relays had won it again.

Game number five was the all of a sudden WATER FIGHT!!!!!!!! My cousin Haze from Australia had started it. He chucked a balloon at one of our uncles and then our uncle yelled the two magic words that were going to get everybody wet. Even the people that sat out finally wanted to take part. So everybody but one person didn't get wet. The person that started it. Haze, so everyone had put their water balloons together and chucked them all at once. He wad the one that was mostly wet.

After all of those fantastic activities we had come to sit down and read the points board. Obviously with no doubt Arasi's team had won by a long mile. Then came Nive's team, then came Patricia's team (my team), Last but not least came Tafina's team. All the teams still got the same amount of chocolate as everybody else.

At the end of the day my body was drained of energy. I guess what tomorrow will be like.

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