Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 3 @ The Big Family Reunion

Today was day 3 for our big family reunion. Today were scheduled to be going to the swimming pools. But due to the whether and the amount of sick kids there were they had cancelled it. We all had to sit in the hall and reflect and see what we were going to be doing for the day. The adults had said that we would be doing sports again!!!!!! Then out came an awwwwww from all the kids. So all, by all I mean all the kids retreated back to the Whare to go to sleep.

Then the parents started to try and figure out what else we could do. Then we all had to go back in the hall to see what we were going to be doing now. They had finally come to say that we were going to the pools. Only the kids that wanted to go had said loud yeses. Everybody who had a car would help with transport.

The pools where we were going to, was The Mangere pools. I was one of the kids that wanted to go. When we had arrived at the pools we were the first ones there. So we had to wait for a long time till the others came. From the view outside it wasn't that full.

But the indoor pools were packed for the babies side. The outdoor pools was where we were going to be spending the day. There were 2 slides. One slide for the big kids, the other for the babies, or 9 and under. But I went on both. There were 2 bombing pools. One with no diving boards, the other with 2 diving boards the same height on each end.

First was first, we had decided to go on the slide, the big kids slide. In order for you to get to the top of the slide, you had to walk or run up a steep slippery, from the wet togs, hill. I actually wanted to go to the bombing pools first. But they were packed, no wonder where all the people were. Apparently the rest of my cousins, boy cousins beat us up the hill.

So which means that they took twice as long because they kept on fussing about who was going to go first and all that rubbish. Finally they had made up their minds. After they had went the line was way more quiet. My turn had come up and I was freaking out. If one of the older boys screamed then I would scream even louder. WHOSSHH, I went down as fast as it took me. And yesI scremed louder but not longer.

After a couple of turns running up the hill and coming down the slide we came to a stop. We were to exhausted to run more, so we stopped and started to swim. The boys were down there as well so they kind of took up the whole pool. So then we decided to lye outside the edge of the pool. SPLASH the stupid boys had ruined our relax time. So then we had to get revenge. We asked our 18 year old  cousin to help us to get back at them. So she did. We found their bags and took their clothes.

After the whole fun filled day we finally retreated to goand get changed. As we were getting changed we could hear the boys saying where is our clothes like little girls. Then we all high fived each other. Then finished getting changed and returned their clothes. And we were even.

When we got back to the Marae I felt even more drained then I felt the day before. And this time we were allowed a short rest, before the rest of the day.

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