Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crisis Earthquake In
Click here which will lead you to the link that has images of the Christchurch Earthquake
On the 22nd of February which was on a Tuesday, Christchurch had had the most shocking earthquake that hit most unexpectedly. Prime Minister John Key had declared after the earthquake that this was New Zealand’s darkest day. This disaster was told to be 6.3 measured on the richter scale.

Building’s collapsed on roads and chaos filled the air. Stepping out on to the road which was filled with debris and rubble, people had thought they had lost their loved ones. Watching the buildings trample over and collapse on people was devastating to watch. People were crying and trying to contact their families and friends.

Many people were seriously injured from buildings that collapsed on them. Every single person who were walking on the roads, were horrified to see what had happened to their once was beautiful city. Adults who were trapped underneath the rubble and debris were yelling for help. Loads of people who worked in offices had been crushed alive. 300 people were still missing and the death toll was 75.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walking to my desk with delight, I was extremely excited to unbox my new Net book. I felt very confused when we had to copy down our serial numbers because, they were so tiny.

While we were setting up our new net book,we were also eagerly listening to Mrs Burt for information. Mrs Burt said to press the button at the same time. Pressing the start button at the same time and hearing people supporting each other boosted me as well. Shoal said to me"Our Net Books are brand spanking new man"

As I was sitting down at my desk exploring my new Net book, I was also wondering how to connect to the Internet. Then Miss Burt asked a question to see if we wanted to connect to the Internet.It felt like she was reading my mind

I can use my net-book anytime and anyplace, which means that my net-book is portable. As long as I am in Glen Innes I am allowed to be on my Net book. Having a Net book that is wireless Internet is very cool to use at any time and anyplace.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be the best.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holiday Highlight

“Please oh please oh please can I go camping I’ll do all the choirs when I come back ppppllleeeaaassseee!”, I said. My next door neighbor was going out camping down to Rotorua and they asked if I was allowed to come. As I was waiting silently my mum said yes and I was so excited because I had never been out camping before except for the school camp. I scurried to my room and grabbed out my bag from the closet. It was pretty old.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I love you mum” It’s on tomorrow I for one can not wait. I shoved all my short and all of my singlets in my bag because I heard that it was steaming hot down there. My sister Nive was pretty jealous when she heard about the news.

Today is the day I am going camping brilliant. I woke up and looked in my bag to see if I had everything but as I was looking I couldn’t find my toothbrush and showering kit. Then just as I looked outside I saw my Grandpa’s car coming down the drive way. I scurried out side to see that my brother had beaten me. “Hi Grandpa I’m going camping today with my friend Tanisha and her family” I said “well then you will need everything like 20$” “Yeah thank you grandpa.”

I went over to my Tanisha’s house and they were starting up the car that is just like starting up my excitement. A couple of minutes saying goodbye and shoving the car with luggage led to the road.
Singing chants in the car ,tuning the radio, and, being car sick was really the main thing about the ride for me. “Can you pass me the drink”I said but Tanisha did not hear me she was sound a sleep in fact everyone was except for me and the driver. I was to excited to sleep.

“Hay we are here” said the driver. To my right I saw loads of camper vans, tents and loads of giant tents. Everyone finally woke up.Tanisha said “It is hot lets go for a swim right after we set up the tent.” “there’s a pool you could have told me that earlier” but I knew that there were no life guards.

Setting up the tent was easy filling it up was hard. Going down the hill from where we were staying and coming back up was very very tiring. As Tanisha lead us to the pool we saw that there was not many people there. So pretty much we had the pool all to our selves.

When we headed back we hit the showers then bed. The next day was cool. The following day was cool and the next day was the best and last day of our camping. We all woke up to a excitement flowing through our blood. We had a last minute saying that we were going to go to the luges instead of the Zorbes which are the giant balls that people go in. After we packed the tent and headed off in the car we stopped at the thermal springs Te Wairoa. We stayed there for the performance and then left.

A couple of minutes later we arrived at the luges. paying took a while. We then got on the Gondola. It was really fun because Tanisha’s dad kept shaking the Gondola making the ride look short. Finally we got up there and chose our helmet and stood in the line. There were beginners and advanced and medium. I went in the advanced even though I was a beginner. We all five rides each but me and Waimaria had six. When me and Waimaria had a ride she had nearly got hurt.

After the Luge ride we headed for lunch at McDonald's and then straight back to home sweet home. I would really want to go with my family. It was really fun. I want to do it again.
The End