Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walking to my desk with delight, I was extremely excited to unbox my new Net book. I felt very confused when we had to copy down our serial numbers because, they were so tiny.

While we were setting up our new net book,we were also eagerly listening to Mrs Burt for information. Mrs Burt said to press the button at the same time. Pressing the start button at the same time and hearing people supporting each other boosted me as well. Shoal said to me"Our Net Books are brand spanking new man"

As I was sitting down at my desk exploring my new Net book, I was also wondering how to connect to the Internet. Then Miss Burt asked a question to see if we wanted to connect to the Internet.It felt like she was reading my mind

I can use my net-book anytime and anyplace, which means that my net-book is portable. As long as I am in Glen Innes I am allowed to be on my Net book. Having a Net book that is wireless Internet is very cool to use at any time and anyplace.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be the best.


  1. Hello there Friend
    I like your story about our new NETBOOKS!I also like the interesting vocab you added in to.
    Well bye for now Ashleigh

  2. Hi Makerita,

    I really loved your blog post about the new Net books. You felt the way I felt when I first got it to, It was just a blast. I also liked the way you had a lot of detail, and great vocab to. I am really looking forward to reading your next blog post.

    From Sylvia

  3. Hi Makerita.
    What a wonderful story you wrote.I felt the same way when I got my netbook and I hope you don't have problems with connecting the internet.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Makerita I really like your use of expression and interesting words. You described how I felt about my net book too. I also like how you changed each of the beginnings of your sentences. What did you first do on your net book when you got it?

    by Makalita

  5. Thank You all For the comment.
    From Makerita


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