Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crisis Earthquake In
Click here which will lead you to the link that has images of the Christchurch Earthquake
On the 22nd of February which was on a Tuesday, Christchurch had had the most shocking earthquake that hit most unexpectedly. Prime Minister John Key had declared after the earthquake that this was New Zealand’s darkest day. This disaster was told to be 6.3 measured on the richter scale.

Building’s collapsed on roads and chaos filled the air. Stepping out on to the road which was filled with debris and rubble, people had thought they had lost their loved ones. Watching the buildings trample over and collapse on people was devastating to watch. People were crying and trying to contact their families and friends.

Many people were seriously injured from buildings that collapsed on them. Every single person who were walking on the roads, were horrified to see what had happened to their once was beautiful city. Adults who were trapped underneath the rubble and debris were yelling for help. Loads of people who worked in offices had been crushed alive. 300 people were still missing and the death toll was 75.


  1. Dear Makerita,

    That was a really great piece of writing. I cant believe that the death toll was that serious. I didn't even know that many people were missing to now I think I might watch the news for now on. I think you need to work on your descriptive words.


  2. Thanks for the comment Brooklyn. I am sure to be working on that.
    From Makerita


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