Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being a Presenter

On the 4Th of March which was on Friday Pt England's first visitors for 2011 came. As the presenters saw them walk in I felt my heart pounding. We all asked whether we could all get a drink. Before we were about to go we had to make a single file.

2 minutes later we were called to come back in when the main person had came. There wasn't that much visitors but when it was my turn it felt like I was in front of the whole school doing an item by myself. After my turn was over it felt like I had conquered my fears

When we were finished we had to go and get changed back into mufti which is like not wearing any school uniform. As we single filed out the room we all inhaled and exhaled as if we were going to die. I thought that I was going to die. But in the end we ended up being saluted from the visitors. We all felt proud. I think that this a beginning of all of us being the best presenters ever.

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  1. You did a fabulous job and I like the way you are continuously improving with each presentation.

    Keep up the good work - you are making us proud!

    Mrs Burt


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