Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why do Babies need more sleep than Adults

Why do babies need more sleep than adults? This is because babies need to grow two times faster than grown ups , so they need more sleep than the usual.

When babies are newly born ,all they need to do is to sleep and eat. As babies Sleep they grow two times faster than walking 3 year old babies. Little babies don’t need much sleep but they do need more sleep than Grown ups. They do very little compared to bigger babies.

Grown ups have to have a good period of sleep too. When they go to have a rest ,their cells that are worn out ,are busy being repaired. As long as they get a good amount of sleep, they will be ready and energized for work the next day. So as you can see Adults need some sleep to.

Adults and babies have a different schedule for food. Adults need food to energize them for work. Babies need milk or proper food for their muscles and bones to grow. And since they are running around between the age of 1 and 2 ,they surely need healthy food. Babies have a nice schedule for food and sleeping. I sort of wish I were a baby again.

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