Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hieroglyphics are Sacred writing from the Egyptians Millions of years ago. These are drawn to represent a word ,syllable or Sound. They are Sacred Carvings that now a days, only SOME people know what they mean. Hieroglyphics are Two Greek words, Hiero is Sacred or ancient and Glyphics are writing pictures and objects.

The Sacred Writings were found in Temples and Palaces in Egypt. These buildings were built thousands of years ago, and still stand today.

In 1799, Language Experts had discovered a Stone that had three Languages carved on it. This Stone was called the Rosetta Stone. Many professors from all around the world ,would come to Egypt and try to figure out the Language. Till one day a French Professor Charles √Čtienne Brasseur de Bourbourg well I would say cracked the code, and now many more experts can read Sacred Writings. I wish I could.

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