Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Disaster

A natural disaster had rocked the coast of Japan. As a Tsunami and Earthquake crisis had hit the coast of Japan ,thousands of people were evacuated by air. Watching most lives get swiped off their feet was shockingly sad. It is said to be 2,000 people are still missing. Having to see people homeless and seeing tears trickle down sad faces, made me want to shed tears too. Loads and loads of Debris were lying around ,and the sea was really calm as if it had done nothing. Houses were floating around with people in them, Cars had looked like the turned into boats and even the ships had come on to shore with the tsunami. There was mud everywhere.People had deserted the village for higher land. It was so sad having to watch.

The earthquake hadn't caused a lot of damage but it did cause the Nuclear Plant to have a bit of cracks to make it go on fire. The Earthquake was measured 8.9 on the scale. It was awfully massive. It had formed Urging waves to engulf the whole coast of Japan. People were alerted on their phones about it ,and had no time to evacuate quickly. I would have to say that the Earthquake caused it all to happen. They are warning the pacific neighbors about it coming around for a visit. I for one do not want it to come around.

The Tsunami was a disaster. As it was descending across the once was beautiful city, on the north east coast of Japan, people were horrified by the sight they were seeing. This was a devastating Tsunami. The 10 meter wall of water, completely engulfed the whole North East coast of Japan.

The Nuclear plant had devastated the people also. People who lived around there had been evacuated in case the Plant exploded. The cracks in the Plant were caused by the Earthquake, which had all of a sudden made the plant explode. People who lived near by had already deserted their place.

If I were really rich I would lend all my money to help out. May peace be with you all in Japan who are in devastation. May God be with you.

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  1. Wow Rita, your writing is so detailed I could see images in my head of what happened. It's so sad what happened in Japan. It's great to see you include what had happened to the nuclear plants. Have you been watching the news for updates in Japan?

    From Miss Lavakula


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