Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Opo Summer

1. Because nobody would harass her.
He didn’t mind being famous
He loved it when people would pat her.
He liked the City

2. School or Pod.

3. Quiet interesting and not quiet good. People could use him for money.

4. Like there were trees and bushes around. It was wet and the tent was soggy.

5. 64 years ago

6. Does She bite?
Does she swim with you?
Does she like it when you pat her?
Where does she like to play?

7. Dolphins

Rounded dorsal fin

swim up and down
Intelligent animals
dolphins can surf
Their ears are on the side of their heads
Dolphins have live babies

They both swim fast
They live in the ocean
They both hunt for food
They prefer warm water
They both eat fish


Dorsal fin is straight

Swim back and forth motion
Sharks are fish
Sharks gills are on their sides
Sharks have eggs
Have two scenes that other fishes do not have

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  1. Hi Makerita

    I like all the interesting words staff you do in your live keep it up and good work.
    from James Isaako.


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