Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

For our feast this Christmas we had only the usual Christmas feast any family would have. The traditional ham, chicken, potato salad, and crab salad. Just those and then, cake and ice cream for desert. It was really simple but I heaps of fun. After we had fully filled ourselves up with all the scrumptious food we decided to open our presents. First person to get a present had to be James, my little brother. He was lucky cause he got a Psp, and two games for it. Then it was my turn to open my presents. I first had to open an envelope which only contained 50 dollars in it, then they gave me a shoe box. It obviously had shoes in it. I was wishing for it to have been some new vans. But nope I got Converse All Star flats. They look really cool though. And I got some new swag pants, and am hoping to buy more summer dresses with the money. And then the gift give away carried on. My sister Nive got cheetah looking chuck taylor's, and 50 dollars also. And she got a really pretty sun hat for summer. My eldest sister, got a box of Ferrero Rocher. So did my mum. And then my grandma got 3 boxes of Ferrero Rocher. Then the whole present thing was over and we were just going to stay in for the rest of the day and watch new movies. Since the whether was quite bad itself. We watched Snow White and The Huntsman, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, and Wreck It Ralph. After all these movies, we looked at the time and it was going onto 10pm. So we decided to hit the showers then hit the hay. Over all the day was really fun. Got some new cool looking things, and had an awesome Lunch. I cant wait for next years Christmas!

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