Saturday, July 27, 2013

Recent Tragedys In My Family And World Wide

Recently the holidays haven't been all about fun, and exciting news. Since Sunday last week my family have been recieving very sad news one day after the other. So many deaths have been occurring, it's taking up all of my time attending services and everything. My uncle in Samoa had recently passed away, my Aunty in Australia has recently passed away also. And my grandpas sister in nz had just passed away. I attended her service, and her burial.

The first week of the holidays were amazing, and there ending off on a very low buzz. Hopefully things can be lifted up soon. R.I.P my beautiful family members. And just as well celebrities have been passing away. Corry Monteith a glee cast member had recently been found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver Canada. It's very sad because his girlfriend Lea Michele has been suffering from anxiety attacks from his death. R.I.P Corry Monteith. They're all in a better place now. <3

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