Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesigning My Netbook Bag

Pop pop pop the idea’s came whizzing through my head. Today room 17 had to redesign our net-book bags using the tool bar called B.A.R. My net book bag looked sort of cranky so that is why I added an I-pad on the front of it and installed a Mp3 on the side.

Bigger was the handle bar. I extended it so that you wont have to carry it around all day. I added on a I pad because it would make everything a lot more fun, and it would make you more of a techie person. Putting an Mp3 was from my own Idea, I added it so that I won’t get board while doing my work. Last but not least I replaced the zips with a finger print lock so that no one can steal my net-book. I love these i-dea’s only if it were true.


  1. That introduction has a great hook Rita, well done. I also like the way you have a variety of simple and complex sentences.
    very effective paragraphs.

  2. Excellent work! I love the idea of the finger print lock! Keep up the good work.

    Miss Ouano : )


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