Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rugby Girls Game against Koru

“OWWW!!” the crowd of spectators said as they were lined along the sideline, watching the intense rugby game of Pt England Girls vs Koru Girls.  Our intermediate girls rugby team had trained very hard and were going there hardest. Hits here hits there, they were making huge progress with the scoring. Our Pt England Intermediate girls were being very vicious against their opposition. Koru, which was a school located down South far from where we stayed.

Pesi caught hold of the ball and took her chances. She ran straight and bumped off one of Koru’s girls. She then charged onward heading for the try line, and bumped off another one of their girls. And then she dived for the try line with a huge pile of Koru’s team on top of her. Pesi was one of the most fierce and feisty players that were playing at the time. “SHOT PESI” as she scored one try for her team, and they were jumping for joy. And so was the long line of supporters of Pt England School.

I was feeling much sorrow for Koru so I then started cheering for their team. “GO KORUU!!” I yelled from the sideline. Out from the blue they scored a try. And then all my friends that I was surrounded by were staring at me. And I said “What be a good sport” with a grin on my face.

Number 11 for Koru was running with the ball and was heading straight towards the crowd. Joe yelled out “Jaylee that’s yours.” And for certain she got number 11 down. Jaylee was also another one of the most fierce and feistiest players in the match. When she made that hit, the whole crowd did their usual “OWWW.”  Hits were made here and there but to be honest the best hit was made by Tina Mapapalangi.

She is an astounding role model for those one’s that want to make big hits like her in rugby when they grow up. “OHHHH OWWW!!” the entire crowd chanted. I was probably the big mouth there going hard for Koru when she made that hit. By the end of the game it was draw. Each team scored 3 tries. So then they had an extra 5 minute play off.

Unfortunately we had to head back to class to pack up. But the rugby girls came back with humble hearts saying that they had sadly lost by one point. It was a harsh and intense game and our girls kept humble and made no conflict. As well as Koru.

Our girls stayed humble and that was the main thing. They tried their best but yet didn’t get their. But hopefully next time they would win. Overall the game was amazing and intense with huge hits. Their should be another game and next time I would go hard out for our girls.

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