Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family Day Out

These holidays have been a mix of drastically boring, and surprisingly fun! The first week of the holidays were extremely boring. Then the second week hit me by surprise, it's almost finished which went by really fast. On Monday our family spent the whole evening planing out the following day, what we would do for our family day out we have on the first Tuesday of each month. This was the first Tuesday of October.

Our family day out started off with a loud bang at the door. Our older brother was coming home from work, as a security at sylvia park. I woke up had a shower then got changed. Then one by one we all sat on the bed facing the mirror ready to do our hair. I was first straightening, then my eldest sister, then my brother, then my other sister, then my mum. It was all in a strange order. Then when we were ready we got into the car, and sorted out the order of our day.

First we were off to Pakuranga movies. The girls watched Pitch Perfect, while the boys watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We bought our food and then we were off into the cinema. There were loads of other girls, like a massive scout group. The movie started and we were all silent. Laughs came from here and there when something hilarious came on the screen. But I reckon my sister Patricia was the loudest.

When the movie had finished we came outside to find my dad and my little brother waiting outside. Their movie finished before ours. So then we were off to Botany to buy me some shoes, and clothes for church.  On the way we stopped at a cute little shop that was called 'What A Girl Wants'. It had the most cutest dresses ever!!! I found myself 2 or 3. Then we carried onto Botany.

We were going to K-Mart to buy my shoes. I saw such cute clothes but I could only choose 2. I chose a cute top and 2 cute flat's. Then we went off to Carl's Jr in Glen Innes. Later on after we had a good chit-chat about our lives and what would be happening for our family, we went back home and got ready to go for a walk around the Bay. We then got ready to walk from St Heliers, to Mission Bay and we were off AGAIN! -_-

When we got there me and my sisters walked off ahead while the rest of the family were long behind us. As I was walking along the sandy beach of Mission Bay I was also watching the beautiful sunset. I loved the view and wished I could have never left. But we ended up having to walk right up to the end where the park was. While I was on the swing going back and forth and being able to see the night sky, it felt like I was in starlight heaven. The whole day was extravagant and I wish it could happen all over again.

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