Monday, October 29, 2012

Found then Lost


A child goes off to camp,
Say’s bye to mum and dad.
Him and his group go on a bush walk,
Their all ready,
They go through dark caves,
explore never  before seen boundaries
The place where they were going off to was, known for massive taniwha’s

“Hey mum we have a field trip tomorrow, we’re staying for 2 nights at the batch our science teacher owns somewhere up North” Jack said to his mum in excitement entering the kitchen in his screwed up and muddy school uniform. The batch they were going to for their science trip was near a well known place where people would find massive taniwha’s, and Jack was the type of boy to be getting into mischief quite a lot. His friends and himself would always constantly talk about getting to see a real life taniwha. “Oh no, no, no you are not going!” Jenny, Jack’s mother replied to him. “BUT MUM!” Jack whined. His mum knew exactly why he wanted to go, but she refused.

They talked at dinner about it, and after a long period of time Jenny had to sit and listen to Jack whining and moaning about wanting to go, she finally gave in. “YES, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you” Jack said to his mum repeatedly over and over again. “I’ll just be upstairs packing my bags” he said as he was running up the stairs after dumping his dishes into the sink. Him and his mother lived alone so the house was usually quiet.

Jack couldn’t sleep at all because the only thing going through his mind was getting to see the taniwha’s. He just couldn’t wait.

The next day came and he was all packed and excited about the field trip, mum would have to be alone for two whole nights which was pretty sad for Jack but he just put that behind his mind. “C”MON WE’RE LATE JACK” one of his mates said from the car they were going in. Jack quickly kissed his mother's old wrinkly forehead and scurried off quickly to the car. The car was packed with loads of the students but still had enough space for me. Mr Harris our science teacher sang songs and made up riddle’s for our entertainment in the car, to be honest he wasn’t that good.

When we had arrived it had been a good one and a half hours of sitting stiffly in the car. We all loaded off, and all you could hear were groans and moans of how bright the sun was, and how relieved they were to be out of the car. Everyone grabbed their bags and shoved them into their batches they would be staying in. Then we would all have to line up outside ready for our bush walk. “NO, NOT A BUSH WALK” Amy one of the girls said. “What do you mean we’re going to go and see the taniwha’s” said Peter to her, one of my mates. She rolled her eyes and whispered “typical boys.”

Then not long later we were off, after a good 20 minutes of non stop walking the sun started to hide behind the thick dark grey clouds. My legs started to feel really exhausted and I was sweating like a pig. Me and my mates ditched the class soon after 30 minutes of walking with them. We were off to find the taniwha’s.

We walked down a very steep and slippery hill, everyone was talking and laughing then all of a sudden Peter slipped and started sliding down, all you could hear were the boys laughing, but when he had stopped we saw that he was badly hurt. He had cuts and bruises, and had a twisted ankle. The boys and I were freaking out and weren't quite sure what to do. So we carried him, trying to look for a way back, but all we walked into were very large tree stumps. 

Now we were stuck in the middle of the large and soon to be dark forest all alone with no food, only water and an injured person. Dawn fell, and we were all panicking but there was nothing we could do, but keep walking and to try and find our way back.

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