Thursday, November 1, 2012


Cookie Monster is a well known toy to young children now-a-days, as well as his best friend Elmo. But my favourite toy is the big cuddly Cookie Monster, that is kind of like a teddy bear, but blue. I’ve had my dearly beloved Cookie for at least 2 months now, and it feels like it has been forever. We’ve been to Carls Jr together, Burger King, Manukau Shopping Mall and Pak’n’save. And now my brothers and sisters think that I’m such a big baby. I kind of am, just speaking the truth.

My cookie monster is arms length, it is obviously blue and it is very, very CUTE! Well to me it is, I don’t know about other people and what they think of him. He loves to eat cookies. He would always usually tag along with me while I steal from our families cookie jar. But we would eventually give into being the guilty ones who stole from it. He has embarrassingly huge eyes, which bulge out but at the same time make him look cute.

Cookie makes me feel like I’m a five year old child again. It reminds me of when I had this other big white and pink teddy bear, which I named Rosalina who comforted me and made me feel loved. I miss her but Cookie has fortunately replaced her, because I lost her 2 years ago.

I have had so many memories with Cookie that the list will probably go on and on, but I’ll only put down my biggest memory with him. I once remember when I took him with my family to Valentines. I accidentally forgot him, and so I begged my mum if I could go back and get him with my eldest sister and she said “yeah sure.”

So we hopped in the car and drove back to the restaurant. I first looked around the table  we sat in, and he wasn’t there, so I then checked around the whole place. Then finally I gave up and as I walked past the front of the receptionist office I used my peripheral vision and I saw a glimpse of him, so I fully turned and there he was sitting on the office ladies desk. I had found him. So I asked for him and after the lady handed him over I hugged my dear Cookie very tightly. And that was my biggest memory with him, forgetting him at a restaurant. But now I promise I will never let him out of my sight, besides when I go to school.

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