Friday, November 16, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

As the van pulled up to it’s parking place, each and everyone of us presenters in the car quietened down. “Okay now we have to wait for Miss Va'afusuaga” said Mr Jacobsen loud and clear on the microphone connected to the cars speakers. We waited and waited for Miss V to come around, but by the time she came, our school was already lining up to be seated in the theatre. We rushed right past them on the escalator. I was very nervous that I tripped up while going off of the escalator.

The theatre started to fill as soon as me and Toreka placed down our bags. It was after 1:30pm, and me and Toreka were exhausted already. Toreka and I were in the que to be presenting. One by one the partners who would present did their thing and walked off. Then it came up to us. My adrenaline started to pump, and My cheeks were burning up. The stadium quieted after the movie before us had finished. All you could hear were me and Toreka’s footsteps going on to the stage. Looking out into the darkened crowd, my mind went blank. I completely forgot my words. Then my mouth opened and my memorised words came out. After we had finished an applause came accross the crowd once again. My heart had finally stopped pumping like a fierce cheetah pouncing onto it’s prey.

As we sat down, we both looked at each other and grinned as to how well we had done, then we had expected. I got comfortable and enjoyed the rest of the Maniakalani Film Festival.


  1. Well done on your introduction for your extension group movie. You did very well alongside Toreka. I enjoyed reading your post here as I can sense the nervousness you experienced leading up to presenting. I could easily imagine what you explained...all you could hear were me and Toreka's footsteps'. A good piece of writing Makerita. I understand how relieved you must of been after presenting. Malo lava. Toaga pea e fai ma le faamaoni ou mea aoga.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Kia Ora Makerita,

    What I really enjoyed about your story was that you focused on one small idea (presenting the movie) and used language features to make it interesting.

    Next time re-read your story and identify spots where you could use poetic devices just like the similie you have at the end of the second paragraph.

    Great stuff,

    Mr. O'Connor

  3. Hi Rita,
    That was a really cool piece of writing. I think you need to work on editing your writing.
    You really presented we'll.

    But Keep Up the good work!!!


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