Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to make a Toy Block Train

How to make a Toy Block Train
You will need:
Square wooden pieces of blocks (6)
Paint Colours ; Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Green
Carving knife
Little plastic eyeballs for the face (if you want a face on your train)
Super Glue
Little short rectangular blocks of wood


Step 1: Collect all of your equipment listed and lay them out in front of you. First out start off with the alignment of the blocks. Bring out 6 blocks and paint which may have to be all of the primary colours.

Step 2: Paint each block a primary colour. Then paint the beginning alphabet letters on top of it with white after it has dried.


Step 3: Then use short little strips of wood and super glue to glue the blocks together. After that you would have to then drill in holes near the bottom of the blocks so that you may be able to install the wheels of the train.

Step 4: After doing so, you may or may not want to decorate it. But if so you can go hard decorating and bedazzling it.

Step 5: Then finally test it out, and it should be able to work. :)

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