Monday, November 5, 2012

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

So as most people should now know that the president of America Barack Obama, now has an opponent up against him. His name is Mitt Romney. The two candidates have been going hard persuading the citizens of America to vote for them.

Barack Obama has officially been president of the USA since taking off in January 20, 2009. So which means by using your maths, this year is just about to be his 4th. If more people vote for him then Mitt then he would be able to stay for his 5th year as the president in the white house.

Mitt Romney the other candidate up against Barack Obama, is very intelligent in ways to persuade the citizens too. Mitt Romney criticized President Obama for a nearly identical green energy program Romney set up in his state. From 2003 to 2007, he served as the 70th Governor of Massachusetts. And now not only does he want to be the Governor of Massachusetts, he now wants to be the President of America!

There are only two short and days left for the people of America to vote for which candidate they want to run their very own country. And it is all up to Obama, and Romney to try and get the people's votes. And it will be life  changing for the one of them. GOOD LUCK!!

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