Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Politic Re-election

So now there is only just about to be one very short day till the new or present president of USA will be announced. Every 2 years on November the 6th (American time) the United States of America have held a Politic re-election, for their country. This as many people now know, has almost been president's Obama's 4th year running as president. And now he is up against Mitt Romney. Who is also known to be a very good politic. The announcement of who the new president will be, is going to make history, and be breath taking. So therefore I can not wait for it to be announced.


  1. Hello Makerita,

    Yes indeed, this will be a very breath taking day, which will affect Americans all over America, no matter who wins. Personally I would vote for Barack Obama, seeing as he has done a brilliant job changing the United states for the better.

    Great post Makerita.

    Keep it up!


  2. Malo Makerita. Mr Tele'a has been following the elections all week. Over dinner we shared about the magnitude of the role - the President of the USA! Very special people would have to be willing to take on that role. So now that the elections are over - what are your thoughts?


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