Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Narrative Writing (WARNING this story is not true)

There once was a mother and son who lived in a cottage near the sea. “Timmy come and clean your dishes” mum failed to yell out. Mum and I had just finished eating dinner alone, which was the usual since it has been a year and a half since dad had passed away. Our house had been very quiet considering the loss of dad. So to do my part in our family I cleaned the dishes. Mum and I lived far away from the mainland, but luckily we had a car. “Mum can you please iron my uniform for school tomorrow?” I asked mum politely.

The next day mum got a phone call. “Hey Linda, how are you?” I could hear coming from the person on the other side of the line. It was a lady that sounded very familiar. Then I clicked, it was my favourite aunt Rosie. After mum hung up she explained to me that aunt Rosie was calling to see if mum and I could meet up with her at my favourite Cafe, the Mcdonalds Cafe at the Zoo. My favourite place to go when I was like 6, but now I’m 13. I’m too old for that place, but I have to go to see my favourite aunt though. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

After school on Friday I arrived home and shut the door behind me. To my amazement aunt Rosy was sitting on the couch in the living room. “AUNT ROSIE” I said in excitement. I ran to hug her, I was happy to see my aunt but at the same time I was really wondering why she was here so early? So I got changed out of my wrinkled school uniform and ran to the front to catch up with aunt Rosie. She explained that she just couldn’t wait to see me so she had to come.

Half an hour later we were off to the zoo. My used to be favourite place in the world. I took a pile of books just in case mum and auntie wanted to talk by themselves. We entered in the cafe after we deliberately stopped at each animal’s home and pretended to talk to them. “ahhhh finally I get to sit down!” I said relieved.

I unzipped my bag and picked up a random book from inside. I scanned the cover of it while in the meantime mum and aunt Rosie were chatting away and not minding me at all. So I sat there reading my book very interested  I was so bored I started questioning mum. “Mum what was the crocodile’s name he was my favourite animal?” I asked. “I think Crocko, son please don’t bother me again?” she replied, “okay sure thing mum” I then replied soon after.

I was reading my book when all of a sudden the crocodile named Crocko came into the cafe. He had escaped and was on the loose, and decided to come to the cafe? Such a weird crocodile. Mum stared back at me and jumped up and screeched to the sight of it. I couldn’t believe no one saw it come in, it’s bright skin ought to have made someone scream before my mum did.

The Cafe once upon a time was all quiet, but now it’s full of people screaming and yelling, like the world’s going to end. I just stood there amazed at the crocodile not actually running away from the whole crowd. But deciding to just stand there on it’s particularly small little so called hands and watch me. I exited the perimeter as soon as the zoo keepers told me so. I saw mum but I was still in awe from just staring at the crocodile. We all hoped in the car and I felt like wanting to see it happen again. But just not the screaming.

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