Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Favourite

My favourite Ice Cream is cookies and chocolate because when ever I put it inside my mouth it makes my mouth dribble with saliva. My favourite smoothie is the Monkey shake at Valentines but that sometimes makes my stomach feel sore. I actually have a lot of other favourite Ice Creams. Many people like Cookies and Cream but that sometimes gets to yuck for me when I eat it to much. This is my favourite Ice Cream and Smoothie. Please keep commenting.


  1. Hi Rita
    My favourite ice-cream is cookies and cream as well.I like the intresting words you used in the story.That was a short and sweet story.
    Bye for now Ashleigh

  2. Hi Rita,

    I love the Monkey shake too. It is so nice nice also when i read that post it made me won't to have one.Also My favourite Ice-cream is passion fruit . Keep up the good work.

    By Brooklyn


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