Friday, May 31, 2013


What diabetes is:
Diabetes is a disorder where glucose (sugar) cannot enter the body’s cells because the pancreas doesn't make enough insulin. The insulin acts like a key so the carbohydrates can enter the cells. There are two different types of diabetes type 1 and type 2. Type 1 means that the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin. Glucose then builds up in the body which makes you fatigued or tired. Type 2 means the pancreas makes insulin but it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes if untreated, you may experience a different variety of disabilities.

How it works:
It starts in the stomach. All the food gets divided into 3 groups, carbohydrates, protein and fat . The carbohydrates break down to starches and glucose, which enter the bloodstream. While they’re travelling through the bloodstream, the pancreas then produces insulin. The insulin acts like keys so the glucose can enter the muscle and fat cells. This gives energy to the body.  

What goes wrong?

The consequences and the effects to having diabetes can be very severe. Things like blindness, tiredness, and lack of urine affect your body. To make it even worse, if you've been living with it for quite a while, as in years, you will quite possibly die from a sudden heart attack, stroke or even kidney failure. Having diabetes makes your life become more of a hassle.

There aren't many solutions to having diabetes. Instead, people try to reduce the effects of diabetes by oral medication from their doctor. The easiest way to monitor type 2 diabetes is to exercise. Running around the basin, bike rides, or any fitness is the key. Unfortunately type 1 diabetes can only be reduced by getting an insulin shots from your doctor.

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