Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something Suspicious

Everyday at dusk, the fog which surrounds these gigantic dark rocks, is always lifted. And everyday at dawn, it always falls again. There’s something about these rocks and how they are placed that gets to my mind. The chill that I feel by watching them from afar makes me wonder, why are these rocks placed into the form of a circle?

“Mother” I asked as I swallowed the last bit of my breakfast.
“What is it my daughter” she replied to me in a pleasant tone.
“Well” I said with a gulp “you know those massive rocks just over there by the hills, nearer to the forest.” she cut me right off.
“You better not be asking about those silly fantasies you’ve been wondering again” she threw right back at me.
“Well of course it is. You know that’s all I’ve been asking for the past 10 years of my life." I've always been wondering whether the myths I've been hearing are true. That these giant rocks light up on a certain evening and form a pathway to an undiscovered universe. I just don't know why she's always been trying to change the subject whenever I bring it up.
She pauses and then talks.
“Well” she begins........  

To be continued..........

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