Friday, May 3, 2013

Rugby Training

On Monday the yr 7 and 8 rugby girls team had training. Pretty strange that we have our trainings in the holidays right, but it's all about practice makes perfect. We've been learning all sorts of different tactics and drills to perfect our rugby team. But the thing is, not many of our girls made it to training on that day, but we managed to get training through with the amount we had. It was an awesome training session with Miss V as the coach. But the down side was that the boys kept dropping the ball. Which caused the whole team to have to run all the way to the goal post and back. The boys were just  extras and all us girls really didn't want them there anymore. But overall it was an awesome training session.

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  1. Hey Makerita,

    Sounds like the boys were just working to keep the team fit and fast :p

    Make sure you watch for double spaces, otherwise awesome work and good luck for the game :)

    Keep it up, Mr. Hutchings


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