Monday, May 13, 2013

My Holiday Highlight Dress Hunting

Break times already over. The holidays have come to an end so fast. One moment I’m playing with my little cousins, to find out that the next day school starts. Well during the holidays my time was surely spent wisely. I was involved in so many activities during the holidays.

One of the many highlights was when me and my sister went shopping. Except we had to buy a specific dress we would wear for our eldest sisters 21st celebration. The colour theme was going to be orange, and black. Bright and joyful colours for a 21st celebration. But also a bright colour that would be quite hard to find as a dress.

Nive and I started our dress hunt at Sylvia Park. First we walked into Glassons. They had adorable dresses but unfortunately none of them came in the colour orange. We then proceeded along hoping to soon find a good looking dress.

We came across factorie. They had some very cute accessories, but that would have to wait for later. Factorie only seemed to have hoodies, and lots of in fasion season tights, and pants. But that was not what we were after. So we exited another shop yet again. Next we went into Dotti. Another shop which didn’t have many varieties of choices with in the colour range. So we left another shop yet again. At least 2 shop’s later we then encountered Supre on the top floor nearer to the cinema’s.

We entered Supre and searched around the store. I encountered an adorable dress, that was orange, and was appropriate, but the price just stammered my thoughts. It was well over $50 and I only had $50 to spend on a dress of my choice. So I peered around and looked for my sister to see if she could lend me an extra $10 to make up the rest of the amount for my dress.
She gladly gave me a $10 note, and I was off. The dress was perfect, and I wasn’t planning on leaving without it.

So I took my size off the rack, and put it onto the counter. The kind lady then scanned it and said “that would be $45 thank-you.” I gave a huge smile, and kindly handed over the money. Yes! I thought to myself. I look to where I got my dress from and it said 40 percent off. I was so happy and along with that I had $5 left over. Maybe I could go to Factorie and buy those oh so adorable bangles I had my eyes strapped onto.

Overall the dress hunt was awesome. And I got to buy some accessories to go with my dress. And the event was amazing also. My sisters 21st celebration was filled with laughter, smiles, and loads of food. The venue was at the Pakuranga Valentines, which definitely meant there was going to be heaps of food. And there was a whopping 86 people that came along to my sisters 21st. So many people. But overall my highlight from the holidays has to be dress hunting with my sister. It was so fun, and I wish we could do it again. Maybe next holiday break.


  1. Hi Rita,

    It must have been a busy day with all of those shops. You must have been glad to be able to find a dress. Keep posting your awesome writing.


  2. Hi Rita

    What a really good piece of writing. You were really descriptive.
    It must of be a real mission to find an orange dress But im happry that you found it.

    Keep up the awesome post's cant wait for more


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