Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Unique Savages (Fiafia Night Niuean Group)

I know it has been a while, but I still need to add this bit.

Things were getting a bit more intense by the minute. Or even by the second. Me and Brooklyn were now running around like headless chooks trying to get our costumes on. Just as well as getting our hairs look like we're savages. By the time we finished and walked outside to where everyone was sitting, we looked onto the stage and saw that after the Tongan boys would be the unicyclist's, and after the unicyclist's would be us. Things were going really fast while we were changing. And it certainly looked as if the crowd was enjoying it.

Kicking back and chilling with the rest of my Niuean group for the next few minutes enjoying the other 2 groups left before it was our turn, the nerves started to kick in. The same feelings flowed right through just like for the Kapa Haka group. But this was different I felt in the zone. I felt as if I was home. Like this was where my roots came from. It just felt right. Just then as the last lyrics from the unicyclist's song played, it was our turn to stand up and prepare ourselves.

Shoal, then me, then Ata, then Ash, and then Brooklyn were all lined up, holding one of the little girls  hands that were in the front line. We were entering on side wings, but the boys were entering from the front. It was our que and we started to walk onto the stage. Our rafia skirts were rustling, and were lucky enough to make more noise then my heavy breathing. Stevenson then pretended to blow the conch shell, and the boys looking a lot like they were naturals from the island started to make they're way to the stage. The drum started to be beat and the girls were now jogging to the centre stage. First up everyone did the Hopo (jump), then Ta me (Action Song), then my fav part of the night, the Takalo (War Dance).

Our item was over. And we exited the stage. Running through the field back to Room 13 felt awesome. The hip-hop group was performing, and the song they were performing to made the adrenaline pump. We were all so happy and excited by the time we got back to Room 13. Shoal, Huelo-Ata, Ash, Brooklyn and I huddled up and all were chatting to each other like crazy about how exhilarating it felt to be on that stage. After taking photo's we got changed and headed back to where the crowd was.

Overall the night was AMAZING. I loved it to bits. And really wish I could re-live it all over again. But everything couldn't have been possible without all the tutors. Miss Lavakula, and Mrs Lagitupu were our Niuean tutors. A HUGE THANKS goes towards you guys. And also Whaea Sophie, and Whaea Raewen were the tutors for the Kapa-haka group. HUGE THANKS to you guys to. Without all you guys the performances would not have been so awesome!


  1. Hey Rita,

    I loved your blog post, Im probably almost speechless. We rocked the stage cheeeehoo. Keep up the wonderful post!


  2. Hey Rita,

    I really loved your performance, it was really exciting to watch. I also loved your blog post about the Fia Fia night. Keep up the awesome work.

    Yours Truly


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