Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Mother

My mother is beautiful in everyway
She keeps me warm and happy everyday
I count my blessings with her endlessly    
Cause she might just pass the next day unknowingly
She fought and fought and fought for her life
She threw punches to try and stay alive every night
In rehab she threw kicks here and there
And miraculously made a huge come back
We now see her walking everywhere.  
She survived and I’m so so grateful
And now everytime I look at her, I remember that fact and smile gleeful
I love my mum even with her disability
I love her
I love her
With loads of sincerity
She is my mom, my world, my anyday
She is whom inspires,   
I would say


  1. Hey, Rita!

    I really admire your writing about your mother, its great to hear that she is walking around with a smile keep up the great work and remember mother knows best:)

  2. Hello Rita,
    This is an inspirational writing about your gorgeous mother. I really loved how you used amazing words. I admire your writing's, keep doing a really great job.


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