Friday, March 8, 2013

Makerita Stormy Day

Even though I had layers and layers of clothes bunched against my skin, my teeth were still chattering away. “Mom, it’s so windy” I yelled out to her. The wind had snatched my words away before it had even reached her. She didn’t seem to give me a glance back. As I walked a few steps behind her, the sand kept whipping against my legs, a sign that I hadn’t put enough layers of pants on.

I slightly turned my head towards the ocean, it looked as if it was replicating the emotion of the skies. Dark, evil, and angry. My stomach turned upside down, and I felt like going home. But mother was still persistently leaning her way through the powerful wind. How could she do it? Unlike me. I looked up to the sky and saw a flock of seagulls making their way towards land.

I was lost in thought, examining the clouds, then a couple of seconds later I click back to reality. I look ahead, to my disbelief I see my mom lying there as stiff as ever. Just for a split second I glance away, and something horrid happens when I look back. As I run towards her, my palms start to sweat just trying to juggle my phone out of my pocket. My mind at this point was pounding with so many ‘what ifs’. Wondering what I should do now, I then checked her pulse, luckily she was still breathing. I then frantically tried with my sweaty fingers to dial 111. But did a terrible job. But I soon got a of the ambulance.

Mom was still blacked out. And we were now well on our way to the hospital. “Mom wake up” I said to her in a voice swelling up with tears. The situation I was in was dreadful. Dad was already gone, and I wasn't ready to lose mom.

As the ambulance van rocks, forwards and back, I carefully scrutinize mom, remembering our memories. And as I look at her attentively, she moves abit. My heart then fills up with hope. She moved her hand again. Then the doctor walked over, mom was now opening her eyes. And I knew everything was going to be alright.

My heart sighed with a relief. But looking back on today, I experienced so many different things. Walking through a storm at the beach. Seeing dull skies, look as if they have emotions. As well as the scourging sea at the time. And then out of nowhere my mom’s incident. I glance at mom just thinking about that. She was lying there in the hospitals bed. “Mom everything’s going to be alright, don’t worry” I said to her with a gentle smile.

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