Friday, March 15, 2013

My Poem That I Worked On With Joshua Iosefa

My mother is beautiful in everyway
She keeps me warm and happy everyday
I count my blessings with her endlessly    
Cause she might just pass the next day unknowingly
She fought and fought and fought for her life
She threw punches to try and stay alive every night
In rehab she threw kicks here and there
And miraculously made a huge come back
We now see her walking everywhere.  
She survived and I’m so so grateful
And now everytime I look at her, I remember that fact and smile gleeful
I love my mum even with her disability
I love her
I love her
With loads of sincerity
She is my mom, my world, my anyday
She is whom inspires,   
I would say


  1. I love your poem Rita and I'm sure your Mum feels blessed to have a daughter who appreciates and loves her so much. I can't wait to see your movie of it as a spoken word poem as well. You all did an amazing job working with Joshua.
    Keep up the poetry writing.

  2. Makerita, your poem is so heart warming and touching! You really described your love for your mother and it is just beautiful. You and Joshua did an amazing job. I hope you can write more. Keep it up!



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