Monday, April 8, 2013

The Awesome Triathlon

A Triathlon is very difficult. It is where three sports get put into one whole massive race. It consists of swimming, cycling and running. Today room 20 got the awesome opportunity to do the very event at school with some well trained people.

The process went in order, the girls first then boys. Luckily room 15 was with us. They were told to go before our class, so we had an advantage of getting ready. “Awww! Miss can I go to the toilet” some of us girls were saying aloud to have an excuse. Including me. But the sooner I got this over and done with I thought to myself, the better.

We were now walking sluggishly over to the starting line ready for some star jumps, while Serenity being the only girl who had brought change to school could do the water slide. “Ready and GO!” the man who organised the stuff yelled out to us.

Half of the girls in my class weren’t even trying their hardest, and neither was I. “C’mon Rita. Proper star jumps” Mrs Squires was saying to me. So then I took it seriously. After Serenity slid on the tarpaulin 4 times we were now suppose to head to the clan bikes awaiting us to be ridden.

As the whole pack of girls were sprinting for a bike, one of them pushed me which caused me to want to walk. I got to a bike then realised that the helmet couldn’t fit properly so I didn’t clip it on but just rode off like nothing happened. I reached to the end of the cycling round and found that I was coming last place. I jogged my way around the field and carelessly flopped myself to the ground at the end. I wasn’t tired at all. But felt like doing it since some other girls were.

It had now came to the second time round. This time I was determined to do it right. I jumped up with enthusiasm and made my way towards the same starting line.

“And GO!” the very same man yelled out to us. I was now doing star jumps like a pro. Watching Serenity attentively as she slid the last one, I sprinted my way towards a bike nearer to the end of the bike aisle there was. That was the bike that Logan had set up for me to use after he did.

I took the helmet and this time it had fortunately fitted perfectly on to my head. It felt as if the bike was on gear one so I tried to paddle my fastest as Laita was just trailing behind me. I was now coming in first place when the end of the cycling round had finished.

Then as were settling our bikes back into place as it was before, in the corner of my eye I could see that Laita was starting to jog the course of the running track. I placed my helmet onto the ground and started jogging just a few steps behind her. Then sprinting near the finish line with the last of the breath, strength, power I had in me. But it wasn't enough, so I placed 2nd overall.

I collapsed to the ground at the finish line, just gasping for air. That was the most I have ever pushed myself too. But it was all worth it because I had come 2nd place overall. Just like my placing when we did the triathlon last year in room 21. Nearly all the girls copied me and Laita collapsing to the ground when they had passed the finish line.

When the boys had finished their triathlon all the girls then decided to start walking back to where everyone else was sitting. We all yelled out our thank you's to all the men that ran the whole programme, and headed back to class. I liked the fact that I gave it my all, but I disliked the fact that I had forgotten my spare change of clothes. Doing the Triathlon was only a one off thing. So it would be awesome if we could get to do these type of activities in college next year.


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