Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writing Exam Final Product

Teresa was a girl that attended Junior Massey High. She kept to herself all the time. She had long golden blonde hair, that would glitter brightly in the sun. She had big baby blue eyes. She had a perfect figured body, and she wasn't quite popular. Hard to believe aye? Her father worked as a CEO of a fast food company which made her family quite wealthy. Her mum was a stay at home type of mum. (Which kind of gives you a picture of where Teresa gets her sort of personality from.)  Teresa was quite lucky that she was an only child. She had her privileges at times. But as she grew older, those privileges went out of hand.

By the time she hit Massey High, she was practically ‘Miss Popularity’ and figured, that if she was ‘Miss Popularity” that she could throw big parties whenever she felt like. It was quite cruel and gruesome of her to take advantage of her dad, and use his money and credit card to hold these parties. But he didn't really care, he found himself happy if his daughter were to be happy too.

So this girl Teresa went from being the loving and caring little girl she was, to a pretty much big time spoilt brat, that threw parties whenever, wherever. So this act of hers carried right on through to final year of high school. In the beginning of the year she threw a party to celebrate the start of the year. After the party, she and her friends helped pack up.

The next day when she went to school, she felt that something was missing. She felt that she had forgotten something, someone. She looked around, some students were now crowding her, commenting on the awesome party she had the night before. She thanked them and walked away to use the loo. She stood in the bathroom staring in the mirror trying to remember what she had forgotten. Then she clicked, it was her phone. She rummaged through her bag to see if she had put it in this morning. No she hadn't, first time. By the time school finished she went home to see if she had abandoned it on her dressing table. Still no sign. “Mom have you seen my phone?” Teresa asked her mum.

Her mum stared at her puzzled knowing that wherever Teresa went she would always have her phone with her. “No I haven’t seen it anywhere, sorry darling” she said. Teresa didn't really mind, cause she knew that her father could buy her a new one in an instant. So she carried on with life. The next day she found that her laptop had gone missing. She still didn't mind, cause, once again her father is wealthy enough to buy her a new one. Then two days later something much more exceedingly valuable had gone missing of hers, her grandmother's pearl necklace she had deliberately handed down to her before she had passed away. This time she knew her dad couldn't put a price on that one. They scavenged everywhere to find that necklace. From top to bottom of her house.

Unfortunately they had came to the very last room and still found nothing. The basement. They glanced around and saw a little sparkle of some sort come from behind the washing machine. Mum, and Teresa tried with all they’re muscle they had to push the heavy object away, and did so. They then saw all the objects that were missing of Teresa’s. Her phone, her laptop, and her granny’s pearl necklace. And some other goods she didn't notice that had been lost for quite a long time. Like her softball glove she owned when she was a little girl, and her pyjama set of Dora The Explorer. She put the objects into her arms and cried with remembrance of all the memories she had made with them. She then realised that she was completely changed. That she was now a grown adult, and she needed to take charge of her responsibilities.

So from that day on, she became a whole new changed girl.

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  1. Hey Rita,
    I really loved how you described your character Teresa and her life. You have simple and complex paragraphs. Keep up the awesome and cool work. Looking forward for more post's from you, keep writing more.


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