Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Derelict House

The thought of the old abandoned house kept running through my mind, just taunting me it made me feel sick. I was dared to go in at midnight tonight. You know that old wonky looking house, on Maybury street was it. That has had no cars go in and out of the driveway for years. Yeah well that’s the exact house I have to step inside tonight. “Why did you dare me that. It’s scary enough walking past it every morning but going inside it? Worse. C’mon dare me something else” I begged Jake, my so called best friend. “Nahr. No backing out” I forgot I had promised to not back out. Shoot.

We were now standing outside the house. Oh well, um I guess a half broke down rubble loaded house. It was going onto midnight, and my nerves were now getting the best of me. I lurked around to the back of the decrepit house, and found that the grass was waist high. Quite believable. I felt the grass rustle against my legs, but at the same time heard the sound of footsteps hitting against the long grasses roots coming toward me. With the beam of my phones light just being able to reach two metres away, I shone it to my left and saw a glimpse of Jake’s appearance getting bigger, and bigger, coming toward me.

“Finally. Where were you. Let’s get this over and done with. Okay” I said with a heavy heart.

We were now on the first step going up towards the front door. The creaking noise coming from each step I took, made my heart feel more, and more petrified. I gazed down to my phone, and it was now midnight. Exactly. I put my hand on the cold rusty doorknob. I twisted it very slowly, like in those movies, and it opened to a musty scent coming from the inside. Now I couldn't turn back. Half of my body was now inside the house, and the other half hesitating to go in.

Reluctantly I stepped over a gaping hole, which I could visibly see right through to the house’s broken down foundations. I gawk around and see that there are cobwebs everywhere. My heart starts to pound faster. I’m now making my through the kitchen. It seems to be very, very derelict and creaky. The back door was in sight and I was hurrying towards it. Jake was behind me. Being very cautious of where he was stepping as well.

My heart sighed with a relief as I stepped outside of the house. “I did it!” I turned to Jake and laughed. I thought that I couldn’t do it, but I did it! Ecstatic with my accomplishments, I checked the time and saw that is was now 12:30am. Time to be heading off home.

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