Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just Around The Corner (Sisters 21st)

Lately me and my sister Nive have been practising our item we will be performing at my eldest sisters 21st birthday celebration. Next Saturday we'll be celebrating my sisters 21st birthday. Even though it'll be on Wednesday it's best to do it on the Saturday, since my sister will be working on her birthday. I can't wait to perform our item. It'll be a Samoan dance, as well as a hip-hop dance later on after. I just can't wait. Hopefully Nive and I will please the Birthday girl.

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  1. Hey Rita,
    Its great that you and Nive did an item for your sisters birthday. I hope you had fun when you were doing it. That birthday cake sure looked YUMM!!! Its also great to see you posting in the holidays... Anyway, can't wait to read more fun and interesting post. Keep up the great work!!!



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