Monday, April 15, 2013

My Term 1 Overall thoughts

Wow. Everything flashed by in an instant. Term one of my very last year at Pt England school is practically over. And half of the time I didn’t even notice the time fly by. Since this term the prefects have been quite busy planning occasions, it took up most of my time.

Being prefect has been such a privilege. We’ve been planning and executing activities for our school. Like for instance our Karaoke day was quite a success. Along with our wacky hair day we planned and succeeded in doing so. Those were for sure some highlights for this Term. And another big highlight coming up is Fiafia night! I reckon it’ll be an awesome way to end this Term.

Some downsides about this Term were the numerous times I had got in trouble, because of my silly actions. They were definitely some poor memos of Term 1. But it shouldn’t happen again. And some tasks that I work on aren’t really up to my expectations but I’m planning on working on that for next term.

Our subjects that we learn at school are, Maths, Reading, Writing and P.E. But each Thursday for the morning block we get to go down to Tamaki College to study the subjects, Cooking, Hard Materials and Graphics. I reckon that in my writing curriculum I’ve improved a lot with the help of Miss Squires, and my friends supporting me. The tasks that I get assigned in this very subject usually get handed in on time, with the fact that it has reached to my standard, and expectations.

In all the subjects I reckon that I did well in co-operating with other people, when it came to a stage of working together. This term my goal was to be more independent in my work, so most of the stuff and assignments I get given, instead of choosing a partner I usually find myself wanting to work individually.

I’m really looking forward to Term 2, except with less growling's and more achievements. And I’m also looking ahead to the socials we are going to be planning with the prefects, and house captains. It’s going to be amazing.

Some goals I really want to accomplish for next term is to do much more podcasts. And to improve in my maths. But overall Term 1 has been an awesome first Term of my last year of attending Pt England School.

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