Friday, May 18, 2012

'The Weeping Women' and 'A Day in Paradise'

In Room 21 we have been required to compare and contrast two famous artists paintings. ’The weeping woman’ by Pablo Picasso and ‘A Lazy Day in Paradise’ by Daniella Hulme. These two very talented artists have very complicated ways of their own original style of art.

Secondly I had to carefully examine the painting ‘A lazy day in paradise’ by Daniella Hulme. I noticed that in this artwork of hers she likes to use a lot of bright and vibrant colours. Her style of art is very unique and is very beautiful. She also likes to use exquisite patterns, lines and shapes in the cushions in the background. Daniella Hulme also uses oil base paint to make her paintings pop out as well. It makes the pacific island girls in her painting look glamorous.

‘The weeping Women’ is a very sophisticated piece of art. I noticed that Picasso liked to use different shapes lines and always changed perspectives. He has used a lot of yellow in this painting of his. Pablo Picasso’s style of art is Cubism. His technique and his hard effort that he puts into this painting of his really makes it look 3D.

They have a couple of similarities between each other like how they both  like to use a lot of shapes lines and patterns. In Daniella Hulmes
painting she likes to use a lot of vibrant and bold colours. But in Picasso’s ‘The Weeping Woman’ he only uses plain colours, yellow and dark green which doesn’t make it as beautiful as the other painting.

Although there are many differences between ‘The weeping women’ and ‘A Day in Paradise’, there were a couple of similarities between them. They are very complicated pieces of art and are very unique in their ways.

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