Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AFL Kiwi kick

On Thursday after Lunch time our class  and room 13 also had the opportunity to be able to have a session of AFL with Sam, the tutor. The first session was really fun, we had a warm up with the game of Flush the Toilet. First there would be 3 or more people holding a ball. If you get hit by one ball then you will have to kneel down on one knee and put your hand up at the height of your head, and wait for somebody to come and flush you.

After that cool warm up, we got started with our lesson. We had to try and do a drop plant which is kind of like a drop kick but instead a more begginers type of way. We had to spread out on the field and try doing it to each other. It was really funny because I had a partner that was from room 13. His name was Calvin, and I bet that he was way better then me at drop planting.

The next activity we were set out to do was to try and use the skills that we learnt today and try to aim accurately at some objects and people. Like our teacher Mrs Langitupu, the netball hoop, the instructor (Sam) and the netball pole. At the beginning of the session we had to figure out who would be the Lion and who would be the Snail. I was the snail at first then I was the Lion when it came to this lesson.

Lions were kicking the ball first and I was nervous. I was nervous that all of that hard work wouldn’t payed off and that I might kick it way off the mark. But I kicked it and it went perfectly. I was trying to aim for Mrs Langitupu which was the furthest away, but unfortunately I didn’t get her. After a couple of rounds back and forth the snails won.

After the whole session I felt very happy to get out of class and do some sport lessons with our class. I can’t wait till next Thursday when our next session is.


  1. Hi Makerita

    I enjoyed reading this post about AFL. It sounds like you really enjoyed participating in the session. Thank you for volunteering to partner up with someone from another class. Just a little comment...remember to proof read your work carefully before you post. There are a few errors in your writing that you need to edit. Apart from that, great post.

  2. Hi Rita,
    I enjoyed reading your writing it was nice reading how you enjoyed it. Keep the work up you have been doing really well. Have fun doing AFL next week and hope you write about it.


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