Friday, April 27, 2012

Anzac Day Off

Unfortunately my family and I did not wake up early in the morning to go to the Anzac Day ceremony at the Museum. Due to late night Movies. Anyway when I woke up I heard the car turn on. I slowly hoped out of bed and looked through the window. And I shouted out asking them "WHERE ARE YOU GOING"!! I was half awake and half asleep. Then I heard them say "ARE YOU COMING"

I then ran to the bathroom quickly brushed my teeth and ran to the car. "where are we going" I asked "just sit and watch"said my mum. And a couple of seconds later we were heading for my grandpa's house. "yayyy" I thought to myself. I like their house because they have plenty of bikes for each of us.

When we got their I straight away went to get a bike bike but suddenly my mum said we were dropping something off and going again. "OH MANN"!! I said. But I still hesitated on riding a bike.  So a short ride was what I did.

When we were at home I was so bored, until my auntie said aloud 'we're going to mission bay'. 'Oohh' I thought, that sounds good. So I hoped in the car but this time knowing where we were going. I was packed and ready to go when all of a sudden more people hoped in. It was Petra and Nive. My sister and her friend. Then my other cousins came and then sooner or later the whole family was there packed in the car.

I couldn't wait to get to the beach. When we got there we found a spot to settle our things. Then we were off playing touch with a tennis ball since we had forgotten a rugby ball. It was still as fun as playing proper touch. After a little while of playing we were off to buy some ice cream. My sister wanted to buy one so we all went.

We were just standing there and waiting in line when all of a sudden my sister said "WOW! the one that you want is expensive Rita. We'll go to Burger King and buy a cheaper one". So my cousins and Nive went to BK to buy an ice cream for all of us.

As I was sitting and waiting impatiently for about 20 minutes for my ice cream, I decided to go for a swim at the fountain. When I had been walking there I didn't realise that I was being tricked. I saw from a long distance away my sister Nive playing volley ball instead of getting an ice cream. I was so mad I avoided all of them. After a short while of sitting on the edge of the fountain Jay'Lee scared me from behind. I almost tipped over in to the water.

I also didn't go in the water fully because it was extremely cold. But when Jay'Lee came we both got in to the water. We had this crawling competition in the water. I kept on holding onto Jay'Lee's legs, it was so funny. Then we had to depart to the showers. She left early and then I left. It was so fun.

 Over all the day was all right but it was all about the people that took their lives to die for our country. ANZAC day.

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