Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Holidays was FUNN!!!!

Today is Saturday, the day after good Friday. Me, my Family and other relatives had one massive day planned ahead of us. Today we had our big family activity. First we started off the day with a big breakfast then we went off to the cinema's. At the cinema's we watched the famous novel book which has recently turned into a international sensation, The Hunger Games. It is such an epic movie and I encourage you who are reading to watch it.

Our Next activity we had planned was to go to the mall and get at least $80 each to spend. It was really fun but apparently I wanted a lot more things but didn't have enough money. After that was over the time was about 2 pm and we were all starving. Although I bought myself candy and a magnum gold I was still starving like everybody else. So on our way home we stopped by at the Carl's Junior. Their Burgers are huge! I remember the first time I went there the burgers were way to massive for me and they still are. I love their fries. I want to skip this subject because I am craving for one of their burgers.

Later on when we all had finished our meals we were heading home to get ready for a BBQ at the beach. We went to mission bay and the beach was packed. First we played touch on the sand and then we I mean me and my sister Nive went for a swim, because my other 2 cousins did not want to swim. So then me and Nive made an idea on how to get them in the water. We asked one of them to help us lift Aaron into the ocean. The plan was not successful instead Moses who was helping us went in first. "KIDS!!" my mum said "COME ND EAT!!"then it was time to have our feast. We had potato salad, crab salad, sausages, chicken hearts (YUMMY), chicken, pork ribblets and much much more.

We then afterwards continued on with our swimming for a little while. Then  later we had to retire to the showers and then head off home. The day was full of fun and exciting activities. And I was worn out. I couldn't wait to lye on my comfy bed.


  1. Hi Rita, I do appreciate the way you share your holidays with us on your blog.

    Sounds like you had a VERY food focussed Easter - a stark contrast to the Hunger Games. I went and watched that movie too and I found it very disturbing. Have you read the book yet? Maybe that could be on the agenda for next week.

    Keep posting

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Mrs Burt,
    Apparently no. I am still trying to get a hold of one of those books. I could ask my mom to buy me one. Thanks Mrs Burt.


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