Tuesday, August 30, 2011






I've attempted to write about one main idea.

I have a key idea in the first sentence with supporting details in the following sentences.

I've used sentences that are connected and build up the main idea

Sentence Beginnings

I've attempted to use more than one varied sentence beginning.

I've used some carefully chosen vocabulary/clauses as sentence beginnings.

I've used carefully chosen vocabulary/clauses as sentence beginnings.

Variety of Sentences

I've attempted to use a variety of sentence types, lengths or complexities.

I've used a variety of sentence types (.?!"") and sentence lengths and complexities

I've carefully chosen a variety of sentence types, lengths & complexities to enhance the paragraph.


I've attempted to use some clever vocabulary.

I've chosen some clever vocabulary and have tried to use it appropriately.

I've carefully chosen clever vocabulary and have used it appropriately.


As we all were waiting impatiently to get a racket each, we had to learn how to hold the racket first. We had to grip the racket loosely and we had to act like we were shaking somebodies hand, which was quite awkward. And we had to let our wrist move and nothing else. Laureen taught us some of the ways we should hold it. One was the forehand it is when we are trying to hit the shuttle really hard over the net or when ever you like. Then there is a backhand when you would like to serve the shuttle or just hit it randomly.

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