Thursday, August 4, 2011

RWC competition

I believe that the good things and the bad things about New Zealnd hosting the Rugby World Cup are...... First the good things about it, we get a lot of tourists from all over the world. Secondly New Zealand could collect a heap of money from all the tickets people buy. Thirdly most of that money will head towards Christchurch and the terror they are going through.

Now the bad things firstly after game parties it will get seriously wild. Secondly drugs might come into our country from around the world. Thirdly people hate when their team looses and then they will take it out on the referees. Fourthly New Zealand might loose the World Cup and if they do it is all because THEY DID NOT KEEP THEIR EYE'S ON THE BALL.


  1. Hi Rita,
    There are both positives and negatives for NZ hosting the RWC. I'm hoping that lots of countries will learn about New Zealand and want to visit us in the future.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I've been looking forward to seeing what you have been up to this week while I am in Ohio.
    See you Monday
    Miss Garden

  2. Hi Miss Garden,
    Thank You for the comment.
    Yours Sincerely Makerita.


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