Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Digestive System

The beginning of this term the Extension Group had a task to research about the Digestive System. We did this to find out about how Healthy bodies look like and how malnourished bodies looked like as well.

My bit in the movie is the Small intestine. It looks like sausages but really YUCK to eat. In an adults body it is about 7 meters long. And the fact that it lives in a humans body is astonishing. The small intestine (also known as small bowel) is the longest portion of the digestive track. It is also located in the abdomen.

I would rate my movie 5 out of ten because my voice over is really bad. But over all for the whole team I would give it a 9 out of ten which is excellent. And one mark off because of me. It is quiete funny as well.

Sit back relax and enjoy your way through the journey of the GUTS.

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