Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Maker Over Coutyard Edition

Room seventeen has the opportunity to change and customize our courtyard. In our spare times we have been having technology classes with Miss Ouano. It has been really cool. We had to choose three things we would add in to our courtyard plan. One of the things me an my partner, Vivienne, have decided to add was a basketball hoop. We chose this because we would like some kids to play in our courtyard, and so that it is not just a little place for us to just walk around in. I want the space to play in instead of walk. I play netball, and basketball hoops are good to practice with shooting.

The price of this was $40.00. That is pretty cheap. We all had to search up online at places that have like;wood, outdoor furniture, basketball hoops and all of the above. The place I had found the basketball hoops on was The Warehouse. They will deliver it.

The second thing we had decided to add on to our plan was Picnic Tables. We had chose this because we girls and boys are sick and tired of having prickles on our bottoms. It hurts. And so that we can put our food on a table and eat properly on a table. The table had cost $480.00 which is a lot and it would come already set up. I had found the table on Trade Me and of-course they would deliver it.

The last but not least was flowers. I wanted flowers so that it would beautify our courtyard. The best thing was that we could plant it instead of a already planted flower. It had been supplied on The Warehouse page again. It will be delivered by them.

When we have finished designing our courtyard I wish they have one of my ideas in it.

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