Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Friends Farewell

We are all friends. Most of us will be splitting apart. So most times it will be quiet. We are all going to miss each other and remember all the laughs we had together. I am going to miss Litia. She is leaving. Hope we all have a good Christmas and new years. See you all in the future.

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  1. I really miss you guys to. I hope that we all could be in the same class again. It was so cool last year and how we just played at our old class outside. So then you have are nice Christmas and new year? I did I went to my brother at the south it was little bit cool and warm but it was so cool. I didn't wanted to come I was going to go school there but I miss my old school it is so cool here at Pt England school I miss my old teachers that why I came back. Love from Moala:)


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