Monday, December 9, 2013

Yr 8 Camp

My friends and I entered the bus hyped and ecstatic ready for camp, and especially for the 5 hour drive that was ahead of us. After Mr Burt said our prayer, it was time to board onto the buses. The team I was in was pretty sharp so we went on the bus 2nd. Kane, Jesiah, Brooklyn, Sesalina, Turuhira, Makayla and I all grabbed our bags and made our way.

Day one was basically one giant bus ride that I personally didn't quite enjoy, because I always get car sick when I stay in a vehicle for to long. Once we arrived to the camp site which was Keswick down in Rotorua, with a silent sounding 'w' we loaded off our luggage and got changed into comfy clothing worthy for running/walking in. My highlight for day one was going for a swim with the boys and Ashleigh, it was pretty fun, oh and the scenic view Gabriel showed us. It was beautiful. My low light though was the long walk, it was damp and raining.

Day two was alright, I enjoyed breakfast but I didn't quite enjoy the part when we went for our other cross fit run basically. But watching the geyser was pretty fascinating. I also enjoyed being at the Agrodome, and carrying cute little animals. Especially the rabbits, they were so adorable and fluffy.

Day three was descent, it was Thursday and we were going to the Blue lake for a swim. My highlight of the day was swimming at Rotorua's aquatic centre, it was pretty buzzy. The lowlight of my day was the ugly weather we had to walk through to get to the Blue lake.

Finally on the last day, it was time to hit the Luge before we were headed back to Tamaki Makaurau. The luge ride was awesome, and I really enjoyed it. By the time we got back to school it was just past 4:00pm. I was glad to be home, but I did miss the camp sight as well. Maybe in another couple of years time I could visit down there once again.

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