Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas day was alright. The weather wasn't as everyone had planned it out to be. There was rain falling down now and again and it had caused our plans for the day to be cancelled. But still my family and I found things to do of course. I awoke to the aroma of deliciously perfected ham roasting in the oven. My mother got up super early just to make the feast for the days event.

Instead of going to the beach like my family had planned out, we decided to go out far, and wide to all of our family member who we hadn't visited in a long time. After preparing the food, and of course ourselves for the day. We loaded the food into the car.

Our first stop was to my mother little brothers house. He lived in Manurewa and we thought it would be nice to visit him. When we arrived to his house, we gave him his food, and his present from the family and talked for a bit. Then made our way again. This time we were visiting an uncle of mine.

As we approached his driveway we saw that there were quite a few family of ours there. So my dad made the call that we would stay here, and have a feast with them. The day turned out to be quiet pleasant. Catching up with family members, and babysitting cute adorable babies. It wasn't the ideal Christmas I had in mind, but it was something worth writing about. There was still a lot of food which I am definitely thankful for.

The only lowlight this Christmas was the fact that my presents came at least 1 week after Christmas. Which were Shoes, Clothes, and money. All I have to do is wait for New Years day, where I'll receive a lot of money from my elderly aunties, and uncles. I can't wait!

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