Monday, December 16, 2013

Pt England School Highlight

My life at Pt England School has finally after nine years come to an end. Through my tough trials and tribulations, between me and my long lasting friends, we've always come to a conclusion of friendship. Moving on to college next year is going to be so hard. Leaving everything behind, including my friends is the most hardest thing I'm going to have to do. I've enjoyed most of my years here at Pt England School.

My New Entrant year went by in a blur since I enjoyed being a student of Miss Anderson so much. Miss Wild was one of my many favoured teachers. She was my year one teacher. She taught me so much, she helped me so much, and she was the person who started off my footpath into becoming the person who I am today. In Miss Wild's class I made new friends, Mary Loseli was one and Ashleigh was another. I had a lot of friends but they were my two closest class mates. Thank-you Miss Wild!

Throughout the next three years Ashleigh, Mary and I stayed friends, but we were split into different classes. Ash and I were together but Mary had been split from us. In the following year I was in Room nine and I had Miss Wood as my teacher, she was amazing to have as a teacher. She taught me a lot, and she was so kind and friendly. During my year in Room nine I had the buzz of playing sport. Thank-you Miss Wood.

Miss McKinlay was my year 3 teacher. She was harsh, but I liked the way she taught us students. She was really cool to have as a teacher, and she helped carve my pathway into becoming the person who I am today also. Thank-you Miss McKinlay. The following year I got put into Miss Garden's class, she was my year 4 teacher. In her class she taught me a lot of things. I reckon being put in her class helped me extend in my learning, and so I thank-you Miss Garden. In room twelve I started to play netball, and I loved it.

Miss Squires was my teacher in year five, I didn't really enjoy that year because of dramas with friends. It was okay, Miss Squires did teach me a lot though. Luckily by the end of the year my friends and I managed to resolve everything. So I thank-you. The following year Miss Garden taught me again, I enjoyed that year, it was a tough year but I endured through it. When finally I entered into year seven, Mrs Lagitupu became my teacher. That was definitely a year to remember.

My final year I was put into Room twenty with Miss Squires as my teacher once again. I really enjoyed it, I made new friends along the way, and I learnt a lot of new things. Both learning wise, and life wise. My life here at Pt England School has been amazing, reflecting back on my life and years attending here I've definitely learnt a load of things.

The thought of college is daunting me. I really don't think I'm ready for it. But it's time for me to proceed along to college. I'm off to a completely different school with completely different people, which is making me feel a bit nervous. I'm going to miss playing sports here, eating my friend's lunch (just kidding) more like them eating mine. I'm going to miss all the teachers, and my lovely little children that always say hi to me whenever I walk past. I am just going to miss Pt England school in general.

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