Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Outlook for Someday Workshop: GJMR Studios

GJMR Studios Extension from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

As we all know Pt England School is indeed very into their movie making, and we as an extension class try to participate in as many movie competitions as possible. But there is one competition that stands out the most for us and that's The Outlook For Someday competition, held in Auckland, for people who love movie making right from the ages of 5 to 23.

Last term, our extension class and a few extra year 8 students were fortunate enough to have 2 people come to our school for a whole day workshop all about movie making. Their names were Chris, and Ilia. Being experienced and all in movie making, they took their time up to come and give us some tips on what we could do to improve our movie making skills.

The workshop started at 9:00am and finished at 3:00pm. By 3:00pm we were expected to have a short movie finished, that was either based around these sustainability areas Society, Culture, Economy and Environment. We firstly were each set in groups. In my group there was Mary L, Jay'lee and Gloria, and obviously me. We named our group GJMR Studios. Pretty decent right. Well we worked together for the rest of the day. Before we got started on the whole movie making, we did a couple of activities around what our movies were going to be based on or around.

Each group got given a file filled with pieces to a jigsaw puzzle we had to try and solve. This puzzle had different words written over it in specific areas. The word economy for instance on the jigsaw puzzle was surrounded by things relating to the word. After putting all the pieces together, the words Society, Culture, Economy and Environment were placed in different places all over it. After discussing with my group a bit about each word, and a bit about the pictures around them, it was time to pick one of the words and develop a storyboard on a movie based around that word.

My group and I chose the words Economy and Society. Our main question we wanted to try and answer through our movie we were going to make was 'How has the world come to evolve around money?' By the time I got hooked into the whole process of things, it was already morning tea time. We had to leave things where they were, and come back after play, and start filming.

As soon as we walked into Tusitala and took our seats, Ilia and Chris both started talking to us about the next step to the workshop. It was movie making time. Since my group and I had already planned our movie, we were ready to film. Two of the four of us, Gloria and Mary went outside to film, while Jay'lee and I stayed behind finishing off our script, which was a rhyming type of one. It was a simple job and we got it done fast and recorded it. As soon as we did, the girls had finished filming what they were assigned to. We put the movie together back in the ICT lab and edited it right in time before the bell rang for lunch.

My group was relieved because we knew that our movie was finished, and that after lunch we had a decent movie to produce. After watching our movies, it was time for judgement. The other groups movies seemed to be pretty good, but the GJMR productions film had to be my favourite. Once every bodies movie played and were judged, Chris and Elia were off. The days worth session was pretty cool, and I'm pretty sure in the future I'll be making pretty cool movies too.

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